Know What Matters by Ron Shaich

Know What Matters Lessons from a Lifetime of Transformations By Ron Shaich, founder, Panera Bread Harvard Business Review Press (coming Oct. 2023) The founder and former CEO of Panera Bread shares the lessons he learned from a lifetime of asking what really matters...

Think Like a Horse by Grant Golliher

Think Like a Horse Lessons in Life, Leadership, and Empathy from an Unconventional Cowboy By Grant Golliher with Ellen Daly Penguin/Putnam (May 2022) Veteran “horse whisperer” and leadership expert Grant Golliher applies his hard-won horse sense to teach...
Why I Don’t Call Myself a Ghostwriter

Why I Don’t Call Myself a Ghostwriter

People often ask me: are you a ghostwriter? And I usually reply, well, not really. Not because I don’t do what ghostwriters do: write books that get published with someone else’s name on the cover. But because the idea of ghostwriting carries a connotation of secrecy...

Book Proposals

“Editors know what makes a good book. The questions an editor wants answered in a proposal are the same questions you must address to write a worthwhile book,” says literary agent Susan Rabiner. Find out how you can create a professional book proposal that will...

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