Escape Anxiety

8 Steps to Freedom through Meditative Therapies
By Suzanne Jessee

Select Books (2015)

Hospitalized at age thirty with severe depression, anxiety, and panic disorder, Suzanne Jessee was determined to overcome the mental paralysis and addictive behaviors that ruled her life. Not only did she personally triumph over these debilitating disorders, but she set out to study, train, and work in the world’s leading treatment centers and has helped thousands of others to recover from severe anxiety. After years of personal experience helping patients at the Betty Ford Center and other clinical settings, and recognition for her success from the top experts in the field, Suzanne Jessee now offers an affordable and accessible in-home treatment program to heal those who suffer from the devastating effects of anxiety disorders.

When I met with Ellen Daly to ‘map out’ my book, which I was under contract to complete in just 3 short months, she said to me: ‘Suzanne, writing a book can seem like a daunting task, but it can be done and I’m going to show you how.’ And so she did—with a simple, timely, plan that was manageable with the added bonus of her word tapestry, professionalism, and friendship. She made the unimaginable a pleasurable journey of success!

Suzanne Jessee


“Readers will learn ways to combat lifelong problems . . .

Jessee, creator of antianxiety programs at the Betty Ford Center in California and Michigan’s Brighton Hospital, draws on her experience as a clinical therapist and her earlier struggles with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety. Her book will be useful to anxiety sufferers, as its numerous checklists and narrative will first allow them to recognize that their symptoms are not simply what everyone goes through, and the tips and especially guided meditations―self-led sessions that increase in length as the book goes on―will allow them to begin recovery. …”

—Library Journal

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