Market Mover

Lessons from a Decade of Change at Nasdaq
By Robert Greifeld, former Chairman and CEO of Nasdaq

Grand Central (2019)

The former CEO and Chairman of Nasdaq shares insights and lessons learned from one of the world’s largest stock exchanges, detailing the company’s transformation from a fledgling U.S. equities market to a global financial technology company.

Greifeld took over the helm in the wake of the dot-com boom, and steered the exchange through the financial crisis of 2008, working with companies like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. Market Mover offers a unique window into an iconic institution, and shares invaluable insights for change makers in any industry.

The distillation of fifteen years of memories into a coherent narrative seemed quite impossible for quite a long period of time. I certainly believe the task would have remained impossible if not for the team at CoCreative Writing.

Robert Greifeld

Former Chairman and CEO of Nasdaq

“A fascinating tale of Nasdaq’s remarkable revival . . .

Readers will come for the many hard-won lessons, but they’re likely to stay for the surprising stories and colorful characters that populate Greifeld’s narrative. Market Mover has both wit and wisdom, which is something I don’t usually say about Wall Street!”

Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury

“Refreshingly honest and thoughtful . . 

Greifeld encourages readers of Market Mover to learn from both his successes and setbacks. Covering a wide range of areas from technology, markets, and turnarounds, to deal-making, public relations, innovation, and crisis management, this book is truly a crash course for anyone interested in leadership.”

John Chambers, CEO and founder, JC2 Ventures, and former Executive Chairman and CEO, Cisco

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