Slow Medicine

Hope and Healing for Chronic Illness
By Michael Finkelstein, M.D.

William Morrow (2015)

Integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Michael Finkelstein has helped tens of thousands of patients with his novel blend of conventional and holistic medicine. In this refreshing new book, he outlines his groundbreaking perspective and shares the tools you will need to manage your own recovery from the vast array of ailments and illnesses that often go unresolved in the modern American health care system. Drawing on decades of medical experience and patient consultations, as well as a good dose of common sense and practical wisdom, Dr. Finkelstein shares revealing lessons, practical prescriptions, and illustrative anecdotes from real patients.

I spent over three years writing the initial draft of my manuscript, and after all that time I was rather attached to it and felt considerable trepidation in seeking a writer who could help me with the material. However, I was immediately at ease once I met Ellen and we began to work on the project. Not only did she help me reorganize and improve the writing, but she brought it to another level altogether. And throughout the process she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Michael Finkelstein, M.D.

Author, Slow Medicine

“Taking you beyond conventional medicine . . .

What would you do with your life if your health were completely restored? If you’re chronically sick, tired, or depressed, you need a medical examination that includes, but goes beyond, the exact location of your symptoms. Integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Michael Finkelstein has helped tens of thousands of patients achieve extraordinary health with his slow medicine prescription. In this refreshing book, he guides you through the essential questions for understanding various symptoms and their causes, on a path you may never have thought would lead you to solutions. Each chapter includes the key components of a successful consultation–from revealing lessons to practical prescriptions–along with illustrative anecdotes from real patients. Taking you beyond conventional medicine to examine the intricate network of factors that lie behind many common illnesses, Dr. Finkelstein empowers you to take your health back and walk down the slow medicine path.”

—Dr. Mehmet Oz, Emmy award-winning host, The Dr. Oz Show

“A superbly insightful advancement in the literature of Integrative Health . . .  

Dr. Finkelstein is a visionary practitioner, with decades of experience combining a scientist’s perspective with common sense and wisdom. Slow Medicine is important, fun to read, and potentially life changing.” 

Dr. Andrew Weil, world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine

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