The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence
By Cindy Wigglesworth

Select Books (2012)

Eric Hoffer Award Winner

In SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, Cindy helps us understand how spiritual intelligence is analogous to such concepts as IQ and emotional intelligence (EQ). Using clear, practical language she defines the 21 skills that comprise spiritual intelligence and in doing so, teaches you the steps to begin developing your own spiritual intelligence.  SQ21 offers a way for atheists, people of faith, and those who are spiritual but not religious to understand each other and discuss our universal concerns.  These skills are especially crucial for those in positions of leadership.

Ellen Daly is a delight to work with. Her professional competence was crucial as we worked together on my book. And her ability to get into my creative process and help me say what I was thinking was uncanny! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Cindy Wigglesworth


“I love this book . . .

I haven’t just read it—I have studied it and I have practiced it. I think the ideas in here are crucial for anyone who wants to grow wiser, more compassionate, and to help create a better future…. The genius of the SQ21 approach is that it is logical, carefully validated, and avoids getting tangled up in personal beliefs.”

John Mackey, Founder and CEO, Whole Foods Market

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