Congratulations to client Amir Ahmad Nasr on the publication of his acclaimed memoir My Isl@m from St. Martins Press. My Isl@m tells the story of Amir’s journey from the fundamentalism of his childhood to the freedom of the blogosphere. When I first heard his story, I was captivated by how far Amir had traveled in his personal and philosophical journey by such a young age, and how culturally relevant his insights are to our troubled world. I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him on the proposal (which eventually sold to St. Martin’s Press) and advise him during the writing process. It’s been deeply gratifying to see how well the book has been received. Here are a few excerpts from early reviews:

 “Nasr seamlessly blends memoir with political thought and activism… Personal history—particularly his expatriate childhood—is the book’s strongest aspect, delivered in Nasr’s casual, conversational tone. Nasr’s insight into the world of young Arab bloggers, including many of the activists behind the Arab Spring, makes this a valuable and enjoyable read.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“My Isl@m” displays the charm of a good blog—irreverent, nonchalant, open to fresh ideas, generous to other writers, ostentatiously unpretentious and secretly grandiose. – The Wall Street Journal


Here’s a fun video of Amir talking about the book:

You can find out more about the book, watch the trailer, and preorder your copy on the My Isl@m website.

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